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Property in Egypt

Property in Egypt

Property in Egypt

The potential of Egypt in general and its housing market is huge. Egypt enters into the top ten of the most attractive places for foreign investments in developing markets around the world. Favorable climatic conditions, beautiful sea, low property prices (by European standards), low expenditure on housing and property taxes, relatively low cost of living in the Egypt and the hospitality and friendship of local people, stimulate interest of foreign investors as a high-grade and high-profit real estate investment market. The constant dynamic growth in house prices and the high popularity of resorts in Egypt guarantee all-year-round property to rent.

Advantages of buying property in Egypt


The most attractive conditions of purchasing:

  • Simple and inexpensive procedure for buying property.
  • Low property prices by European standards.
  • Good and reliable investments. (Annual property price grows up to 20%.High popularity of resorts in Egypt guarantees all-year-round property to rent).
  • Visa-free entry (stamp $25 in the airport).
  • Government policies aimed at attracting and protecting foreign investment.

Low cost of living:

  • Low property taxes and expenditure on Housing.
  • Favorable tax system.
  • Inexpensive and well-developed serving atmosphere.

Favorable climatic conditions:

  • Perfect environmental area, due to the low pollution levels, which helps people with heart and lung conditions aswel being beneficial for those with allergies.
  • Good ecology and complete absence of industrial facilities.
  • Ideal conditions for the diving, snorkeling and sailing.

Absence of language barriers:

  • Hospitality and friendship of local people, widespread of English language.
  • Residents in Egypt include more than 15 thousand citizens of European countries.


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